• SoundSelf is an ecstatic meditation experience

    Use your voice to generate a hypnotic world of light, color, and sound.


    In the modern world, the stresses of life can really grind you down. You want a strong meditation practice to feel more at peace and ready to meet the world.

    But those very stresses make it difficult to form a practice. The constant pressure distracts your mind and you drift into anxiety instead of stillness.

    SoundSelf induces a meditative state


    SoundSelf will steadily pull you into meditation by engaging you in a centuries-old practice called "toning."


    You'll breathe deeply and exhale in long extended tones, SoundSelf will produce audio/video feedback to shift you into meditation.


    Relax and let go.

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  • "While you are in SoundSelf, you dwell in a place which isn't sleep and isn't wakefulness. A level of consciousness wraps you which is both extraordinary, and utterly normal. SoundSelf might be the ground floor of an Oculus-biofeedback field to be, or simply an aid to a meditative practice already established."

    - Jason Rhode, PASTE

    "I saw, for just one moment, the glimmering shadow of God."

    Jared Rosen, Indie Statik

    "The game induced a beautiful and seamless trance that made me forget that I was in virtual reality [...] The only other way to try and describe SoundSelf is by comparing it to a synaesthetic experience, where sight, sound, and other sensations blur into one."

    DJ Pangburn, VICE

    "It's hard to describe the intensity of the experience [...] Absolutely sublime."

    Chris Person, Kotaku

    "I was blissfully lost."


    Ben Kuchera, Penny Arcade

    "Coolest thing I played at GDC."

    Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb

    "SoundSelf may be the hardest VR project to describe. Maybe it's the hardest thing to describe, period."

    Caty McCarthy, Versions

  • Videogames for a More Mindful World

    Robin Arnott, Creator of SoundSelf



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