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    Tibetan Monk Simulator 2020

    Seriously though, SoundSelf isn't like any other "game" I've ever played. It's not so much a game as a piece of software that's designed to induce an altered state of consciousness. I don't think it's fair to liken it to a drug trip because it's not like being high; it's more like doing an extended meditation session but you don't necessarily have to meditate for half an hour.

    The visuals combined with the audio feedback and modulation of your own toning helps to lull your analytical mind into passivity so that you can enter a purer state of being. You can literally feel the shift in your consciousness as you slip into that meditative state. My opinion is that this is a fantastic tool for those that have been looking for a way to start a meditation practice or enhance one they already have. In my case it got me meditating again regularly after years of neglect.

    I definitely recommend this "game" even at the full price. The buyer just has to be aware of what they're getting into. This is a *practice*, not a drug simulator. There are some psychedelic visuals but the intent isn't to simulate doing drugs; the intent is to alter your consciousness and put you in the Zen or flow state. It's not just a sound visualizer either. There will be times when it's almost like SoundSelf is reading your mind and presenting visuals and sounds in accordance with that. You also will never have the same session twice.

    If all of that sounds good to you then give it a shot.

    The Bird of Hermes



    Best ASMR I've ever experienced.

    I first tried it when I got some pretty bad and stressful news, and it took me out of that mindset quickly. I really did feel better after the session.


    Goat Smurf



    I have ADHD and this helped me.

    I have ADHD and this helped me. I usually can't do any sessions on my own d/t the limiting factors of my brain. I've tried for years with books, gizmos, binural beats, live sessions. Can't seem to really "feel" anything. Meditating has sure helped my attitude and behaviors but I never got the sense I was getting anything other than that...which is fine in itself.

    This game/program changed that. I felt actually better after only a 15 minute session. ♥♥♥♥ man we spend our entire day mostly grinding in games or in real life. You can literally have a game that helps you relax because you have to be active in it to work.

    The sessions work by you toning out a note and just for example an om or a "ohhhh" sound. The program vibrates noise and shifts the images around and when you take a breath it has an audible que for that too. Basically helping you with breathwork but keeping you focused(meditating) on the images.

    I was tired before, now i'am somehow more awake? That's the stuff I've been chasing for 16 years


    Brother Lux



    I was blown away by SoundSelf.

    As a long-term meditator fascinated by the potential for technology to aid in our exploration of consciousness, I was blown away by SoundSelf. From my first 15 minute experience, it was obvious what a tremendous achievement the team has made. I was not fortunate enough to find this while it was in beta, but it was actually the impetus for me to purchase a gaming computer (I'm using it with the Oculus Quest and a PartyLink cable). And yes, it was worth it.

    The experience is not perfect -- I encountered some confusing behavior and some unfortunate bugs, but it is a joy to finally have something like this in the hands of consumers. I intend to integrate it into my daily life, and I am optimistic about the benefits I will discover.

    May you have the opportunity to experience SoundSelf, may you show up for it with great intention, and may this be just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come!


    Cosmic Energy



    There is nothing else quite like SoundSelf.

    Upon a glance it appears to be a visualizer for a media player, but the actual experience is much more personal. Humming or toning into the game gives visual and audio feedback that evolves and changes in real time, driven directly by the sounds you make. It listens to you, and harmonizes with you. You harmonize with yourself. Dense visual displays of color and light harmonize with you.

    This game is a unique meditation aid that will help people find a small space of peace. If you don't know how to meditate, this will help you learn. It's also excellent for disarming passive anxiety/anger, going to sleep, waking up, or just vocal warmups.

    I recommend this game for those that want to experience the weirdest and newest sensory stimulation. I have not played in VR but I imagine it to be very moving.

    My only complaint was addressed on launch. Get it.





    I will sound like a commercial,

    but I have tried to meditate for years without success. I still miss a day here and there, but this has made me far more committed then I ever have been before. In past attempts to start a meditate, I was actually waiting for the 20 or 30 minutes to be over. With this, I cannot say I am completely in the moment 100% of the time. But my thoughts of "when is this session over?" are rare. It has been very beneficial. OH, I only have a big monitor. I do not have a VR setup. Thanks.




    Im a meditation teacher.

    Im also a proponent of psychedelic usage amongst consenting coherent adults. I wasnt sure what this game would bring me to. So far upon writing this review ive just slightly played around with what mantras the feedback loops really works with well. So far, good mantras are OM, Om mani padme hum, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti all work really well. The only one I tried that I didnt hear a feedback loop was Om Namah Shivaya. If you dont know any of these Mantras you can simply do as the game tells you and makes a single solid tone with your voice, such as a long a sound and it will recognize it flawlessly. 10/10 best meditation game out there but needs more fractals! :-) <3


    [DMT]Tripping Bear



    Zone out, tune in

    SoundSelf is such a unique new experience, that it is hard to describe it directly,

    I'll have a long story below, but TL;DR version: experience the relaxing eye candy trip yourself, see if you also feel nurtured by being one with the universe, learn some breath meditation, enjoy your sharper and more relaxed you afterwards.

    Highly advised, and legal wherever you are ;-)

    Long version:
    I'm a huge fan of SoundSelf: when years ago I heard about it in alpha stages, I bought my Oculus Rift setup just for the SoundSelf experience. I've been playing SoundSelf from that "I've got something cool" demo phase, through the kickstarter phase, to now the big launch into the wide world. So you could say I'm invested and experienced in SoundSelf.

    SoundSelf is both a very relaxing zone-out self-care moment for me, as well as a deepening tune-up of meditation and breath work. I start my day with a cup of coffee and a 15 minute SoundSelf session, and end the day with 40 minute one. I feel relaxed and clear for the whole day from this.

    If I zoom out a bit, games like these are a way to enjoy an experience and a story, but also a way nurture and grow something inside me:
    I enjoy playing frantic multi-player FPSes like CoD and they taught me cool-headed split-second decision making with group flow, while delightfully rushing B.

    I enjoy playing RPGs like Fallout and they taught me the cost and value of lawful good or chaotic evil behaviour, while gleefully going on a rampage through a town with a power armor for not getting my bottle cap reward.

    I enjoy playing strategy games like DEFCON and Plague:Inc, and they taught me the beautiful reality and horror of wargames, while cackling as my ICBMs streak towards my unprepared opponent and everyone dies.

    I enjoy playing movement games like AudioTrip and the Wiii games, and they got me to move and exercise, while making Jedi-moves.

    I enjoy playing SoundSelf and it is teaching me to surrender and become one with the universe, while nurturing me deeply as I ooooooooooooohhhhhmmmm.

    Try it and see for yourself!

    Water Slapjes