• SoundSelf Pro

    $29.99 / month


    SoundSelf Pro creates a unique and personalized biofeedback loop with the user's voice. It is used to facilitate deeply meditative trance states.


    Give your clients a therapeutic experience they'll never forget! SoundSelf Pro turns your voice into a wholly immersive sound-bath using state-of-the-art light and vibration technology.


    LED-Glasses & Microphone are required to play, available for purchase below.
    Or buy this a' la carte subscription if you already own the glasses.


    Studies of SoundSelf have shown users enjoying:

    • Experiences of Unity and Bliss
    • Increased Happiness and Overall Wellbeing
    • A Subjective Decrease of Anxiety
    • A Subjective Decrease of Depression
    • Improved Sleep
    • Increased Creativity
    • A Dramatic Reduction of Mental Chatter
    • Increased Ability to Focus
    • Emotional and Physical Release
    • An Enriched Relationship with the Voice
    • Sustained Vagal Breathing

  • SoundSelf Pro System Requirements

    SoundSelf Pro uses strobing LED-Glasses, and is designed to work on any modern Mac or PC. A gaming computer is not required.


    OS: Windows 10 or higher, or macOS 10.9 or higher
    Storage: 1 GB

    Memory: 6 GB RAM

    SoundSelf Pro Required Hardware

    SoundSelf Pro requires the use of either:

    • Mindplace Limina
    • Mindplace Kasina
    • a microphone
    Available in our hardware bundles below

    SoundSelf Pro Setup Guides:

    There is a read-me attached to the Pro download, but you can also access that guide on the wiki, here: SoundSelf Pro AVS Setup

  • Hardware Bundles

    All bundles include the first month of SoundSelf Pro for free! If you already have compatible LED-Glasses (MindPlace Kasina or Limina), buy the a' la carte subscription.


    These models are offered as an example only, and are not guaranteed by Andromeda Entertainment

    Psychedelic Therapy Model


    Use SoundSelf in a therapeutic setting to introduce your clients to unitive states of consciousness in a way that feels safe and controllable

    • By giving your client a taste of psychedelic states before the medicine journey, you could reduce their pre-journey anxiety and increase the likelihood of their first medicine experience being positive and productive.
    • By tuning into your client's voice as they experience SoundSelf, you will get an intuitive sense of what blocks might come up in the active medicine session.
    • Use SoundSelf to amplify the effects of a low dose of medicine.
    • SoundSelf has been shown to re-activate recent psychedelic experiences. Use SoundSelf in the integration session to bring forth memories and feelings from their medicine journey for you to work through together.

    Transformative Coaching Model


    Charge $450 for a 2-hour coaching session, starting with 30 minutes of SoundSelf.

    • Use SoundSelf to drop your clients into a transcendent state of consciousness, and then work with them to mindfully integrate what they've learned. You can disable SoundSelf's built-in guided meditation, and offer your own personalized guidance instead.
    • Using the easily-transported Tier-2 Bundle with Haptic Vest, the cost would be recouped after just two sessions.

    Spa Model


    Offer your guests 20-minute or 45-minute SoundSelf sessions for a fixed rate:
    20 Minutes, without haptics - $20
    20 Minutes, with haptics - $35
    45 Minutes, with haptics - $50


    • Using the Tier 1 Bundle (Just the LED-glasses), booking two 20-minute sessions per day, five days a week, would pay for itself in just over two weeks, AND cover an upgrade to the Tier 2 bundle (with vibrating vest) at the end of your first month. From there, you could be clearing an extra $700 per month.
    • Using the Tier 3 Bundle (complete with Vibroacoustic bed), booking two 20-minute sessions and one 45-minute session per day, five days a week, would pay for itself in 2 months. From there, you could be clearing an extra $2400 per month.