• Frequently Asked QUestions

    see also: ENHANCEMENT & TROUBLESHOOTING suggestions
    and TESTIMONIALS from players

    What the heck is a Technodelic?

    Will SoundSelf work on my device?

    • Quest -- Yes, but you have to use a Quest Link cable to connect it to your computer.
    • OpenVR - any OpenVR supporting headset. - Yes.
    • Windows Mixed Reality any Windows Mixed Reality headset. - Yes
    • Cellphones / other wireless headsets -- No,  SoundSelf is too graphics intensive for standalone mobile devices.

    Do I Need a Good Microphone?

    No. The quality of your microphone will make very little impact on the SoundSelf experience, as long as it can hear you clearly.

    Do I need to be a good singer?

    No. SoundSelf is not about musical performance. It is about the felt sensation of your voice.

    How different is each playthrough?

    Every play-through can last between 20 minutes and an hour, and will be different every time. SoundSelf responds intimately to what you bring to it.

    Does SoundSelf support multiple players?

    Not yet, but we are planning a post-launch addition of a feature that will allow two players, each with their own microphone.

    Can I use this as a music visualizer?

    No. SoundSelf is designed to work with the felt sensation of vocalizing to draw your attention into an embodied meditative trance. It should not be used as a music visualizer. Non-vocal inputs, like an instrument, will not produce the same embodied feedback loop as your voice.

    Can I use SoundSelf in my Practice?

    We are actively exploring partnerships with therapists and practitioners. We offer custom solutions for healing practices and spas, with options for VR, AVS devices, and Haptic Beds. Please visit www.enterandromeda.com/enterprise to begin

    Is this safe? Is this even legal?!

    • Aside from complications due to seizure or migraine disorders, or operating heavy machinery after playing, SoundSelf is totally safe.
    • Psychedelic therapies are already being approved by the FDA. SoundSelf is the first psychedelic experience legally available before these substances are proven safe. 

    Didn't I See This at a Festival?

    Yes, quite likely. SoundSelf has been shown at...

    • Burning Man
    • The Oregon Eclipse Festival
    • PAX
    • And many others...
  • Can I enhance My SoundSelf Experience?

    see also: FAQ & TROUBLESHOOTING suggestions
    and TESTIMONIALS from players


    Yes! Here are some tips on how to maximize your meditations:

    Immerse yourself, and make yourself comfortable

    • Virtual Reality can enhance the experience.
    • User over-ear headphones.
    • SoundSelf is designed to support a personal subwoofer. Just make sure you are using headphones for the non-bass frequencies.
    • Make yourself comfortable. Set your hardware up so you can play in a reclined and relaxed position, with a pillow under the bed.
    • Take a moment to remove your belt and shoes.

    Create a ritual

    • Light some candles.
    • Meditate in silence for a few minutes before beginning.
    • Set an intention for your session, and then let it go.
    • Treat SoundSelf with respect and courtesy at all times.

    Share the experience

    • Meditating with someone while they play can be extremely powerful.
    • SoundSelf will eventually support more than one voice. For now, being present for each other while you take turns can be very powerful. 

    Use mood enhancers

    • Beginning with breathwork can deepen the experience.
    • Indica dominant cannabis can dramatically heighten the SoundSelf experience. In jurisdictions where it is legal, and if you are of legal age, we recommend the combination.
    • Alcohol is strongly discouraged for use with SoundSelf, as it can lead to extreme discomfort and nausea.
  • Troubleshooting

    see also: FAQ & ENHANCEMENT suggestions
    and TESTIMONIALS from players

    Help! I'm getting the "Automatic Gain Control" warning

    "Automatic Gain Control", also known as "AGC", "Gain Reduction", "Noise Suppression", or "Noise Reduction", is a feature built into many microphones, including those used by most VR headsets. This interferes with SoundSelf's voice detection algorithm, by editing out any sound that has been persistent for more than a few seconds... such as your voice in SoundSelf!


    SoundSelf tries to accommodate for this, but if you regularly notice that SoundSelf is "letting go" of your voice (and usually then producing a whoosh sound and a burst of light and color) while you are still toning, then your experience will be improved by disabling Automatic Gain Control on your device, or by using a different microphone or webcam.

    Here are some steps you can take for disabling Automatic Gain Control in Windows:

    SoundSelf has been tested to work with many inexpensive microphones and webcams available on Amazon and other online stores. For examples:

    I hear a really loud noisy sound through most of the game

    This is probably background sound coming through your microphone. SoundSelf will only play this sound to you if it thinks you are vocalizing. If it's picking up excessive background sound, try increasing the volume of your voice relative to the background noise. You can do this by moving the microphone closer to you, turning off noisy appliances, or just toning louder

    My microphone or headphones aren't being picked up.

    • Please make sure that your operating system, or launcher (if you are using Oculus or SteamVR) has these devices as the default input and output audio device. 
    • When you're in the SoundSelf menu, including the splash screens, minimize the noise you're making. SoundSelf uses that time to capture initial noise floor information.
    • If you are using a Rift-S, unplugging it and then plugging it back in again sometimes fixes the issue.

    My microphone isn't working in SteamVR

    Try this:

    1. In the SteamVR settings, set your audio device to "headset" if you're using a headset with onboard audio devices OR a wired audio device plugged into the 3.5 mm jack on your PC
    2. Turn "audio mirroring" on and set the mirror to your preferred headset of choice
    3. Start the game.

    Audio is skipping or choppy

    If audio is skipping, this can mean one of two things.

    1. If you're using Bluetooth, some Bluetooth headsets have trouble if you are using both the input and output of the same device. The easiest solution, if this is the problem, is to use a wired connection with your headphones if that is supported. Otherwise, some Bluetooth headsets have multiple "devices" that show up on the computer - some will create conflicts, others won't. If that doesn't work, you will probably have to use a different microphone.
    2. Alternatively the buffer size on your audio device may be too small. This usually only happens with professional audio interfaces. Try increasing your device's audio buffer and decreasing the samplerate.

    My audio devices aren't being detected

    Try changing your system default audio device, and reset the program.


    Some USB sound cards have been known to cause issues - if you have a 3.5mm plug, that usually fixes the issue.

    The microphone test "passes" me without me ever vocalizing

    SoundSelf is automatically detecting the noise floor through the introductory splash screens, before the mic test menu. The easiest way to make sure it's detecting the noise floor correctly is to be quiet through the whole splash screen sequence. You can also try cycling to a different input, if you have on connected, and then cycling back to your preferred one, in the microphone test menu.

    My problem isn't listed here

    Please hit "Shift" + "F6" while you are running SoundSelf, and experiencing your problem. This will bring up an inquiry form that will allow you to share with us the problem you are having, and it will automatically include the application log, which includes no personal data. Provide as thorough a description as you can about what's going wrong, and we will work to fix it.


    You can also join our Discord to help us solve the problem.


    Thanks for helping us make SoundSelf better!