• "What will you be in the Multiverse of Burning Man 2020? Will your reality be augmented, bifurcated, or omnidimensional? What dream-worlds will you step sideways into, and who will you be when you get there? Only time will tell. Or has told. Or is telling."

    - Stuart Mangrum, The Burning Man Journal


    Creators & Organizers of
    Burning Man 2020: Multiverse

    offer valid August 10 - September 6, 2020

    We owe everything to the endlessly inspiring, challenging and transformative nature of Burning Man. In fact, SoundSelf was conceived there - not in a dusty tent like some of you baby burners - but in a flash of inspiration. We've returned many times since to share what was becoming of that moment.

    After the initial shock of - BURNING MAN IS CANCELLED OMG - tech savvy burners everywhere put on their business pants and got to work.

    The result is
    The Multiverse. A collection of Burning Man universes for you to explore in the digital dimension.

    SoundSelf will once again return to (some facsimile of) its place of birth, in the universe known as:


    Look for the gnarly tree in The Conscious Playground!

    Absolutely Anyone

    For 10 days, starting any time during the burn.
    Or on Steam Free Weekend September 8-9